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Will the Dollar drop more against the Philippine Peso on the Forex ?

A brief talk about another possible drop coming in exchange rates between the Dollar and Philippine Peso.

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  1. Julie Ann Ugay

    Usd is up to 50.45 after this video. Living here 10 years it's very hard to predict. That's what the forcast said. The same thing your friend said. However look were it at now. And on top of that if you live here look at all the major cities locked down in the Philippines. With there business closed

  2. Jack Smith

    Look at the long term trend .Look where the US dollar was 40 , 30 , 25 , 20 , 15 , 12 , 10 and 5 years back . That is how you spot a trend . Look at the trend downwards and ask why . Look at the downtrend and ask what will change to bring the US dollar higher ? What are the chances of an actually higher dollar trending higher over the short , medium and long term ? The trend may not be your friend but take a good look at it.

  3. anjinsan X

    catch 22? im on lower end budget
    as a expat as u said $900 month
    but as u also said its my ssi ssdi
    and if it goes up ? lets say even $1200 plus im better off in ph when they open,,,no??? i think so
    but im only hs grad so what i know .

  4. Living in the Pacific

    As long as the U.S. Fed keeps printing money, the dollar will continue to decline. News yesterday indicated that the Consumer Price Index rise for April from a year earlier was the sharpest rise since September 2008. The prices of U.S. products are increasing at a rate higher than forex rates, so U.S. consumer goods are not really cheaper. As a side note, the dollar has steadily declined against the Peso now for over 30 years and I wouldn't expect anything to change going forward.

  5. Steve Thedford

    Steve when I purchased my property there 25 years ago, the peso was 28 to the dollar. So really we are heading into a more normal range. Not good for us dollar producers but that's why it's so important for you have to plan.

  6. Junior Weir

    Great advice but you also have to look at countries that are moving away from "dollarization" for a simple reason, sanctions. The " yaun" is being floated by the Chinese Government and possibly the currency of choice. BRIC countries are re looking their economies and how it is tied into the US$, Russia is tempting it's reserves, it's dollars investments and moving to the EU/Yuan/ as their major trading currency. A whole the new trading market is in the horizon and it's led by BRIC, the EU is on shaky ground because of Brexit and the Italian lira is in doubt, plans are afoot for them to exit the EU, will the peso gain, it might but it might also fall and that is dependent on it's gains, too much, causes destabilization of their government, too little works for it's residents. The conversation has many angles but the population of the country holds the trump card. As a resident, listen to your friend but also watch the market, in closing 🍻🍻🍻🍻 are still on my tab.

  7. We are all One

    Both the PHP and the USD will continue to decline against Bitcoin, year over year.

  8. Fred Van ARNAM

    Hi Steve, It's Fred from around the corner from you. Would like to know if your 4X friend would advise others with family connections there to start putting money into the Philippine currency. Or maybe a better currency rate of exchange??

  9. Kenny N Subic

    It won't effect me at all unless it goes to 20php to a $. The low ball budget guys will feel the pain. Big time Inflation is already starting in the US. Remember, Bo Jiden got over 81 Million votes.

  10. 007thematrix007

    from what i know (*within last 10 to 11 yrs.) the lowest exchange rate of filipins peso to the dollar was $1= P42 back in '11 or '12

  11. Phil LV

    the dollar is going to drop against everything on forex, you cant give money away like they've been doing here and not have consequences like inflation, look certainly in the beginning it was needed and perhaps still so for certain job sectors, but when people refuse to work bc they can stay home and collect unemployment for a year its going to cause problems, then you have biden saying its not true that people aren't working or looking for work bc of receiving unemployment ,thats straight out lie or pure delusion, in his case its probably somewhere in between, watch what happens here in the states sept when the free cheese runs out, the euro will soon be the world currency

  12. Tom Dunn

    Great video. All retirees and pre-retirees need to plan for a possible inflation shock in the future. That’s just prudent planning and If it never happens, that’s fantastic. But, if inflation does get out of control then at least you’re prepared so your purchasing power stays somewhat stable.

  13. Rob Julian

    3 or 4 peso drop, equates to a 6 to 8 % drop in your purchasing power. That's a lot.

  14. Billy Johnson

    I’m thinking as soon as the Philippines opens up the peso will get stronger maybe 44-46 over the next 12 months. The dollar has been weakening as we keep on printing money so the peso has no where to go but get stronger. That’s my hope at least.

  15. Richard Arel

    Steve, do you own or rent there in the Philippines?

  16. Robert Crotty

    The long-term prognosis for the dollar is lower. But that doesn"t necessarily mean the peso will decline at a slower pace than the dollar. But the probability of the dollar being worth somewhat less against peso in the future is likely a safe bet.

  17. Crazy Corpsman

    btw, I am in Commonwealth Hospital in Quezon City right now, Heart attack and pneumonia. When I get out I'll get you a rundown on the cost, so people have an idea for an emergency fund.

  18. Crazy Corpsman

    When the NCR opens back up and trade starts again it will start to level back out. Might take a year or two to get back up to 50 though.

  19. walleye364

    Inflation is going to take off in the U.S. The government can't keep spending. I don't believe they are purposely doing it. Just look at the current spending in the U.S it's going to get insane when they want to spend 3 Trillion dollars. China and Russia see the writing on the wall. They want to dump the dollar.

  20. Paul Osborne

    Steve, to make my hedge approach a little clearer….if you do this…..at the end of each month draw your living expense money from the US peso account or the US dollar account, whichever gives you the most money. If you have an emergency account in the US, convert some or most of that to a US peso account.

  21. Paul Osborne

    Great topic Steve! It may come down to two factors. Will Biden be able to pass his free-spending, print more money, agenda? Will the PH be able to put the pandemic behind them this year? PH national debt has risen from 9.795 PH trillion pesos to 10.77 trillion in the last 15 months. Inflation is going up in the US and inflation is going up in the PH. However, it appears that covid is rapidly decreasing in the US and pandemic losses will go way down. It is a wild guess how quickly the pandemic will wind down in the PH. The vax effort in the US is well underway in the states. The PH vax effort is just beginning. If the US Repubicans block Biden and gain control of the US Senate and House in 2022, it is likely the US dollar will strengthen and US inflation will weaken. If covid lingers (or gets stronger) in the PH and revenue losses for the government continue, so will PH borrowing and PH inflation will continue. The peso may weaken against the US dollar.

    So….if the Biden agenda wins, there will likely be less pesos for the US dollar….even if US covid problems end. On the other hand, if Biden is blocked and the PH covid problems and losses continue well into 2022, there is potential of more pesos for US dollars. If you don't want to stay up nights over this in the PH, covert 50% of your US based dollars into PH pesos and keep those pesos in the states (this can be done). This is called a "hedge" and effectively freezes your forex rate on the date you make this move. This is VERY difficult if you are living on a month by month pension or social security….unless….you can borrow a sum in the US in US dollars, convert that sum to PH pesos, store those pesos in the US, and pay back the US loan with your pension or social security. That sounds pretty tricky to pull off…and it is. To be sure, anyone who believes a word coming from me is crazy as a retarded wombat. That said, I'm tired, I'm stupid, and I'm going to bed.

  22. michael waddell

    The dollar has dropped 14% against GBP £ pound in the past 12 months. Thats a lot considering the UK economy is in a mess after Brexit and 2 full lockdowns.

  23. Linda Faber

    We are watching our economic future🧐

  24. Mark’s Journey to the Philippines

    Guys amc went from $10 to a new all time high to almost $70 in less than a month. The short squeeze hasn’t even happened yet. Real life changing money still possible. I already turned 2k to 13k in 30 days. Even if you buy in at $50 a share you won’t care if it goes to at least $1000 and 20x your money.

    Want to retire early in the Philippines and can’t afford it? This is your last chance to get in. Even if you’re already there this is a big chance for a much better lifestyle.

  25. Mark’s Journey to the Philippines

    If Biden doesn’t destroy the us economy amc and GameStop going to the moon again might. 100k a share will bankrupt these hedge funds

  26. big bear hugebear

    Its hard to predict the real losses have been the Australia and Canada dollars for the last 5 years against the USD . The USD has lost 11 percent against the Peso and 15 percent against the Baht since Jan 2019

  27. Ted Williams

    Definitely will drop with all the money printing going on in the States

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