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Xbox Games Showcase Extended

This special showcase, hosted by Gamertag Radio’s, Parris Lilly, will feature behind the scenes details and up close and personal conversations with developers to dive deeper into their recent announcements. You’ll hear from 343 Industries, World’s Edge, Playground Games, Ninja Theory, Double Fine, our talented partners from around the world, and more.

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47 Bình luận


    I love XBOX!!!!!!

  2. god我不要這种結局。


  3. Jose Orlando Melendres Merida

    Icreible intro new world xbox please sound track musica intro name link de la musica de la introducion showcase ?

  4. darkfantasy brun

    gamers are satan

  5. 7 professional

    Game bar

  6. José Carlos Santos da Silva Carlos

    Top, meus parabéns !

  7. Barry Third

    Yes ,Yes, YES! YAHOO it's extremely Major FANTASTIC

  8. Kasra Shayesteh


  9. West Europe

    Everyone watch this video as it addresses and issue that can occur to future video games: https://youtu.be/WIUU3B8uoug

  10. そなた薫

    I'm ignoring Japanese users, so I can't sell it. I've never seen it sold

  11. Wihhaahhaa Hannahano

    RP-M XOX اللغة العربية 🇺🇸🇺🇲🇺🇸🇺🇲


    Please lift the sanctions on Iran on the Xbox console

  13. Hungry Zombie

    Why didn't i see Xbox Exclusive Online First Person Shooters does Xbox even care anymore or are the fine with being second or third best?

  14. CharGasM

    Xbox game studios cooking so much exclusives. Can't wait next aquisitions

  15. Va Za

    Where to buy in us (xbox)??

  16. Really Random Xbox

    Hype baby!

  17. Turklتركي


  18. MichalThe

    Imlove xbox

  19. GameTrendinga


  20. Cristo Gonz

    Saquen skin mapa de mortal kombat

  21. John Quiroz Castro


  22. Darthka117

    I can’t stop watching the halo infinite trailers

  23. Lorena Juárez


  24. Just Mxanes シ

    I got suspended how long 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭

  25. Plain rock1245

    Why did you not make Xbox two

  26. Jimmy Holden

    I really like that little montage of all the games at the beginning

  27. mrcraftin


  28. G Apollo

    Its all very well showing these new games,they look great but I can't find an effing x box series x to purchase,lack of availability

  29. Calvino Kristanto

    Xbox: 30 games made from the most talented developers

    Also xbox: Among us

  30. Ahmed fatah

    Hi xbox can you make xbox vr please and games hdr for vr pls

  31. Oopppi Oohiii


  32. Jimmy P

    Make more games backwards compatible

  33. sadegh 2003


  34. Juan A

    What's the song called at the beginning

  35. Mohgoku CODM

    PS5 player here. Lol

  36. CitYzeN98

    We want better exclusives with good stories like the last of us / God of war / uncharted / horizon zero down etc… Please Microsoft push those studio's to the limit for convince me and another people to buy an Xbox series X

  37. Joel V

    Great job Parris!

  38. Simdopness 1011


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